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Tips for Using an ATV for Snow Plowing

Posted by on 10/9/2014 to ATV

ATV Snow Plowing

Ever plowed snow with an ATV? It does the job much quicker than a snow blower or hand shovel, but if you’ve done it before then there are a few things you need to know before using an ATV for snow plowing. With a little practice you can figure out the best way to get the job done, but in the meantime here are a few tips to keep you from learning the hard way.


Start Soon


First of all, start early and plow with the storm. The heavier and deeper the snow is, the harder it is on your ATV, and waiting until the clouds move on and there’s ten inches of wet snow on your driveway is not a good plan. Start plowing while the snow is still falling so you can stay ahead of the storm.


Care for the Machine


When using an ATV for snow plowing, be sure to treat your equipment with respect. Don’t ram into hard-packed piles of snow, because that can bend the plow blade, break the ATV, or hurt the rider. Going too fast is also dangerous, because you might miss hidden objects or buildups of ice. If you need to plow a really deep drift, then lift the blade partially and plow the top half before coming back and finishing the bottom.


Clear it Out


Plow the whole driveway, and push the snow all the way out into the yard when the snow first begins to fall. You want to leave yourself plenty of room to put the plowed snow—it’s no fun to get to February and find you have nowhere to push it the snow to. Lift your blade an inch or two when pushing to keep from ripping up your grass.


Get Good Tires


Traction is key when you’re using an ATV for snow plowing. If necessary, add extra weight to the back of the ATV, or consider buying tire chains. And make absolutely sure that you have good ATV snow tires in working condition! Be sure to inspect your vehicle regularly before, during, and after the winter. If you care for your ATV correctly, it’ll help you keep the driveway clear all season long.

ATV Snow Plow

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