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Tire Studs

Tire Studs

What are tire studs?
Tire studs are metal pieces inserted into tires to improve traction and handling on the icy roads.  By chipping into the ice, tire studs improve the tires grip on the road. The downside of tire studs, is that when used on bare roads, they chip the roads surface.

What are studs made of?
Tire studs consist of two parts, the carbide tip and the metal stud body.  The metal stud body is held in the tread of the tire, leaving the carbide tip exposed to grip the road

Can all tires be studded?
When using conventional tire studs, only tires pre-drilled for studs can be used. Screw in tire studs can be used in most any tire and are available for many applications.

Why use tire studs?
If you live, work or play and must drive in area where roads are often icy then tire studs are a great choice for improving ice traction.  Be sure to check your states rules for tire studding and when studded tires can be used.

Snow Tire Studding Regulations for New England
Massachusetts Permitted November 1 - April 30
Connecticut Permitted November 15 - April 30
Rhode Island Not Permitted
Vermont No Limitations
New Hampshire No Limitations
Maine Permitted October 1 - May 1 (must be replaced in sets of 4)
New York Permitted October 15 - April 30
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