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Tire Tools for ATV Owners

Posted by on 11/12/2014 to ATV

ATV Tire Tools

Essential Tire Tools for ATV Owners

If you drive an ATV often, you need to be prepared for anything. Although most owners will generally ride close to their homes or cabins, every once in a while something happens and you find yourself stranded alone in the middle of nowhere. You need essential tire tools for ATV owners safely tucked away in your ATV for such emergency use. Essential tools include a pump, sealant, tire plugs, and general repair kits.

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If your tire goes flat, how are you to get air back into it? Even if you don’t have a way to plug up the leak, you might be able to pump enough air into the tire to keep it inflated temporarily until get you home. There are compact air compressor pumps, or you can invest in a manual pump. Either way, a pump is one of the absolutely essential tire tools for ATV owners.


Having a sealant on hand is a great way to temporarily patch a tire until you can find a replacement. Some sealants can be sprayed directly onto or into your tire. You need to make sure you have the right kind of sealant and follow the directions for use so that you do not further damage your tire or machine.

Tire Plugs

Tire plugs are little patches you can put over a leak as a temporary fix. They differ from a sealant in that they are more like rubber stickers to plug up a hole and keep your tire inflated long enough for you to get to a safer place.

Repair Kits

Investing in a general repair kit is also a great idea. A repair kit is likely to have everything you need to temporarily fix a flat tire. It should also come with instructions on what to do in such an emergency.

Be Prepared

Essential tools for ATV tires owners are necessary to have on hand in case of a tire emergency. If you do not already have these tools safely stowed somewhere on your ATV, get some right away.

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