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Tractor Tires for your Mud Truck

Posted by on 7/17/2012 to Mud Truck

Mud Truck Tractor Tires

Off Road Tires-Tractor Performance

Tires, you need them right? When you buy your first pair of mud tires you are looking to improve the performance of your truck. Ask yourself do you drive on the street and want some new mud tires in case you get urge to head off road? Or do you have a vehicle that is dedicated to the trail?


Tractor tires are not just for the farm anymore. In fact, a whole new world of mudding opened up when the first driver installed a new set of R-1 tractor tires on his rig. Before you begin remember to consider these three things: the maximum load capacity, max vehicle speed and the clearance between the tire and truck body fenders. These are three important factors that need to be taken into account to create the best off road experience. Plus, you can spread some hay on a field with your mud truck using tractor tires and don’t have to worry about getting stuck out there. Some people even use 8x16 farm lug tires on jeeps-so yes it looks insane-but they really work.


What should I look for in a tractor tire for my mud truck?

Farm tractor tires come in many shapes, sizes and tread patterns. Most people want the most aggressive tire possible for excellent traction in the mud. An R-1 tire is a standard depth farm tractor tire, it has angled lug or bar style tread. An R-1W tire is sometimes called a deep lug R-1 and features the same tread but features deeper tread depth for even more traction. An R-2 tire, which is sometimes called a rice and cane tire has the deepest lugs available and provides the deepest lug possible in a farm tractor tire.


Not all tire sizes are available in every tread pattern, so be prepared to make some modifications to your rims to make them work with a farm tractor tire. Many people take a farm tire rim for the tire they want to use and have the correct center welded into it. This ensures that the right rim is used for the tire and that it bolts correctly to the mud truck.


Once you have picked out the tire you want to use, and found the right rim many mud truck enthusiasts will grind down the areas in between the lugs of the tire to give the best traction and grip. This turns the tire into a paddle style tire that gives the best performance when used in mud applications.

Ground down mud truck farm tractor tire


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