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Trailer Tires and Wheels

Trailer Tires and Wheels

Pete's Tire Barns online tire store carries a full line of value priced and premium tires. This includes bias ply tires and radial tires from Carlisle Tire, Double Coin Tire, Gladiator Tire and more. We also have a full line of mounted tires for easy installation without needing a trip to the trip shop. Find your next tire, wheel or mounted assembly from our online tire store.

  • All Trailer Tires All Trailer Tires
    Tires for trailers come in many different sizes and ply ratings to handle a variety of different types of trailers. Pete's Tire Barns carries tires for boat trailers, cargo trailers, utility trailers and more. Both radial tires and bias ply tires are available both loose and mounted on trailer wheels. Find your next trailer wheel, tire or mounted assembly from our wide selection of tires in our online store.

  • Mounted Trailer Tires Mounted Trailer Tires
    Mounted tires come in many different sizes and styles to fit all brands and models of trailers. Buying mounted tires saves you both time and money by allowing you to bolt your new tire right onto your trailer without the expense of paying someone to put your tire on your rim. Mounted tires are available in plain, galvanized, modular and spoked. Match your tire size and bolt pattern to find your next mounted tire and wheel.

  • Trailer Wheels Trailer Wheels

    Trailer Wheels

    Next to the tire, your trailer wheel is the most important piece of trailer. The trailer wheel must have the right bolt pattern, carrying capacity and pressure rating to handle your trailers load. Match your trailer wheels style, bolt pattern and size to find your next trailer wheel.  Trailer wheels are available in many different styles to fit the trailers and tires on the road today. Browse our selection of trailer wheels online and select from our broad catalog.

  • Radial Trailer Tires Radial Trailer Tires
    Radial tires for trailers are available in a variety of sizes to fit most of the trailers on the market today. Radial tires have a distinct advantage over bias ply tires thanks to their tread compounding and tire composition.  These advantages are a smoother ride, less road noise, longer tread life, increased fuel economy and cooler operation to minimize tire blowouts at highway speeds. Given these advantages radial tires are an excellent choice for your next tire.

  • Low Platform Trailer Tires Low Platform Trailer Tires
    Tires for Low platform trailers are sometimes called mobile home tires or construction tires. These tires are built in unique sizes to properly fit these types of trailers. Constructed of heavy plies of rubber, our tires for low platform trailers can carry the load.  Find your next set of tires for mobile homes or low platform trailers at Pete's Tire Barns online tire store.

  • Construction Equipment Trailer Tires Construction Equipment Trailer Tires
    Tires for Construction equipment trailers need to be built to handle the massive loads put on them by the weight of construction equipment. They need to be able to handle tire scrub associated with the maneuvering of construction equipment trailers into position for the loading and unloading operations. The tires must be built with heavy plies of rubber and rugged casings with extra strong sidewalls for long tire life and durability. Shop for tires for your construction equipment trailer in our online tire store today.

  • Trailer Tires By Size Trailer Tires By Size
    Finding tires for your trailer by size can be challenge at some tire stores, but not at Pete's Tire Barns. We carry the tire sizes that people are looking for. This includes the common ST225/75R15 and the harder to find 6.00x9 and the 6.90x9 tires. What about if you are looking for alternative sized tires or heavy duty tires, we have those too. We carry 8 inch tires all the way up to 16 inch tires and everything in between. It does not matter the size or manufacturer of the trailer because we have bias ply and radial tires in all different sizes and load carrying capacities. Browse our tires by size and find your next tire today.

  • Trailer Tires By Brand Trailer Tires By Brand
    Find tires for your trailer by brand at Petes Tire Barns online tire store. With high quality tire brands like Double Coin, Carlisle, Greenball and BKT, we are sure to have the tire you are looking for. Featuring both bias ply and radial tires and trailer wheels, we carry the tires you need, like the Carlisle Sport Trail, Greenball Towmaster or the Double Coin Dynatrail.  No matter the trailer brand or model, Pete's Tire Barns is your only choice for your next tire purchase.

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