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Tweel Turf Caster Airless Radial Tire installation guidelines

Posted by Pete's Tire Barns on 3/21/2019 to Lawn and Garden
Caster spacer bushings can be purchased separately to accommodate different caster fork widths and axle bolt diameters, per the chart below:
Tweel Turf Caster Bushings

Adjusting Front Caster Spindle Bearing Preload (only if front caster shimmies during travel
1. Park machine safely. 
2. Remove dust cover (A) from top of spindle. 
3. Remove cotter pin. 
4. Turn castle nut 1 fl at clockwise. 
5. Replace cotter pin. 
6. Replace dust cover. 
7. Test machine to determine if wheel shimmy is still present. 
8. Repeat adjustment as necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I decide if the caster can fit my machine?
    • Two measurements will tell all. First measure the bolt size (1/2”, 5/8” or 3/4”). Then measure the inside width of the forks (fork ID). With these two measurements and the chart of the front page of this report you can determine every fitment opportunity and requirement.
  • The front of the machine feels lighter. Is that to be expected?
    • The TWEEL® Caster is designed with the optimal balance of mass and compression in order to provide the best cutting experience. The enhanced suspension effects achieved through the engineered design provide a softer ride which can give the sensation that the machine is lighter or is “floating,” in contrast to riding on a mower with semi-pneumatic tires.
  • I feel the front wheels “shimmy” when I drive on concrete or smooth pavement. What is that?
    • The TWEEL Caster has a tread surface contoured to achieve the best cut quality. When driving on a road surface,
    • the TWEEL Caster can shimmy. The product is designed to balance the caster motion on turf surfaces for improved
    • operator comfort and cut quality.
    • NOTE: For many mower types, the shimmy on solid, smooth surfaces can be reduced or eliminated by slightly
    • increasing the spindle bearing preload, per the instructions on the reverse of this page.
    • NOTE: Check the load specifications to ensure your mower does not exceed the weight / load capacity of the
    • TWEEL Caster product. Heavier mowers may result in an exaggerated shimmy effect. 
  • I feel a bumping when I first start the mower after it has been sitting. It goes away with use. What is that?
    • The TWEEL Caster is made of engineering elastomers designed to balance comfort and cut experience as a sort of a suspension. These materials can settle during prolonged sitting. This flattening is temporary, has no measured negative impact on cut quality, and quickly disappears with use. 
  • How do I determine that the caster is worn out and needs to be replaced?
    • This is a good question because the tread depth is not the indicator. There are four small recess holes in the center of the tread to indicate ideal end of life. When these holes are no longer visible, the caster has reached the ideal end of life – the point at which comfort and cut will no longer remain in balance. Continued operation beyond that can be OK but is dependent upon the application and left to the judgment of the user (designed for 2000 hr. service with 10% asphalt/road exposure; higher % accelerates wear). 

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