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Utility Tires

Utility tires covers many applications from hand trucks, to work dollies, to moving equipment and more. Utility tires are available in a variety of sizes to fit many different types and styles of equipment. With robust treads that are designed to grip not slip, out utility tires are sure to keep you moving. In addition hand trucks and moving equipment, utility tires are also found on go carts, lawn equipment, compressors, generators and small trailers. In addition to utility tires, we also carry a full line of snowblower and snow thrower tires to fit all brands and models of snow removal equipment. Find the right tire for your equipment or vehicle today.
  • All Utility Tires and Hand Truck Tires All Utility Tires and Hand Truck Tires

    All Utility Tires and Hand Truck Tires

    All utility tires and hand truck tires are not created equal, finding a high quality, long lasting tire for your snow blower or moving dolly can be a challenge, but not at Pete's Tire Barns.  We carry a full line of tires for all types of utility, moving and snow blowing equipment from brands like Carlisle Tire.  Carlisle tire is know for its snow blower tires with such famous brands as the Snow Hog, XTrac and Stud.  We are sure to have your next utility tire, hand truck tire or snow blower tire in our massive tire distribution center.
  • Snowblower Tires and Snowthrower Tires Snowblower Tires and Snowthrower Tires

    Snow Blower Tires and Snow Thrower Tires

    Tires for snow removal are different then those tires used for lawn care, trailers or wheelbarrows. Snow blower tires need to have extra grip to push through the snow and ice. Pete's Tire Barns carries high quality snowblower tires from the Carlisle Tire company. Carlisle snow blower tires come in many shapes and sizes with the two most common brands being the Snow Hog and Xtrac. These aggressive snow blower tires are designed for superior traction in both snow and ice conditions. Buy your snow blower tires at Pete's Tire Barns online tire store today.

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