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What style tire should I install on my lawn tractor?

Posted by on 2/24/2012 to Lawn and Garden

Picking the Right Lawn Tractor Tire

Everyday we get calls from eager lawn tractor owners looking for a tire for their lawn tractor. After we ask them what size tire their lawn tractor takes, the next question we ask them is what style lawn tractor tire tread they are looking for. Invariably we get an answer like " what styles can I get". Lawn tractor tires comes in many styles based upon the tire size, ply rating or wheel size. Below is a chart of the most common style of lawn tractor tires on the market. These are by no means every style of lawn tractor tire being made, but these are are some of the most common ones.



Style Design Application  
Turf Tread Carlisle Turf Saver Lawn Tractor Tire Used primarily for lawn and turf applications, these lawn tractor tires comes in may patterns and style but they are designed to not damage turf.  
BKT TR-315 Lawn Tractor Tire Sometimes called AG tires or agricultural tires, these bar tread style tires are very aggressive. They look like smaller versions of the tires found on many farm tractor tires.  
Construction Tread Carlisle Trac Chief Tire Found on many skid steers these tires feature an overlapping lug tread pattern.  


Keep in mind that not every tire style is made in every size.  Pete's Tire Barns carries high quality lawn tractor tires from many of the major brands including BKT, Carlisle, Firestone and more.



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