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What Ply Should My trailer Tire Be?

Posted by Pete's Tire Barns on 3/27/2015 to Trailer
Unlike your car, your trailer is designed to handle heavy loads. In order to properly and safely tow this weight, you need tires with the right ply rating.

The 3 Types of Telehandler Tires

Posted by Pete's Tire Barns on 3/20/2015 to Forklift and Industrial
Telehandlers vary by function, and so do their tires. Over the past few years, tire manufactures have developed some innovative designs to give you more comfort, reliability, and affordability. Currently, there are three primary types of telehandler tires.

Taking Care of Your Trailer Tires

Posted by Pete's Tire Barns on 3/13/2015 to Trailer
Your trailer tires function much differently than your car tires. Here are the guidelines for proper maintenance.

Taking Care of Your Golf Cart Tires

Posted by Pete's Tire Barns on 3/6/2015 to Golf Cart
Golf cart tires are built to provide a smooth ride without damaging your grass or lawn. Despite their size, they still require regular care. Here are a few things to include on your maintenance checklist.

Let's Talk Tire Tubes

Posted by Pete's Tire Barns on 3/2/2015 to Tire Tubes
When it comes to tire tubes, quality is everything. In general, they’re a great alternative to tubeless designs, especially in the agricultural industry. Here’s what you need to know.
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