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Nokian Forest King TRS 2 Forestry Tire

Posted by Pete's Tire Barns on 7/28/2016 to Forestry
If your profession requires you to operate heavy machinery through treacherous terrain, then you need the ideal tires to make sure you are able to get the job done safely and efficiently. Not just any tire is going to work with your equipment, so for much larger machinery, you are likely going to need the Nokian Forest King TRS 2 Tire. This tire has the ideal traction for harvesters and forest forwarders that weigh 15 tons at the most. Whether you are driving it without or with tracks, this tire works beautifully. 

Nokian Forest King F2 Forestry Tire

Posted by Pete's Tire Barns on 7/19/2016 to Forestry
The forest has a lot of natural resources, and a lot of heavy-duty equipment is required in order to get it. Driving through the forest is unlike driving over other terrain because you never know when a certain part is going to become unexpectedly treacherous. In order to have confidence that your machinery will be able to tackle anything you come across, make sure it is equipped with a Nokian Forest King F2 Tire. These tires are ideal for a number of conditions you are bound to come across, so if your current tires are looking a little worn out, replace them with a brand new set right away. 

Nokian eNTYRE 2.0 Tires

Posted by Pete's Tire Barns on 7/14/2016 to Passenger, Light Truck and SUV
Are you tired of getting the same inferior quality in your tires? Do not settle with a poor tile to put on your vehicle’s wheels when you can get the Nokian Entyre 2.0 Tire. This superb piece of engineering is designed to provide your car with the best in optimal performance, comfort and perhaps most important: safety. In addition to all that, this excellent tire is also good for the environment, so instead of getting another tire that is bound to disappoint you quickly, get a tire that is not going to let you down. 
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