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11R24.5 Nokian Nordman 31 Plus Commercial Truck Tire (16 Ply)

Part Number:T675231
11R24.5 Nokian Nordman 31 Plus Commercial Truck Tire (16 Ply)
Nokian Nordman 31 Plus Commercial Truck Tire
Open Shoulder Drive Tire
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11R24.5 Nokian Nordman 31 Plus Commercial Truck Tire (16 Ply)

The Nordman 31 plus from Nokian tire is a winter drive tire specially designed for commercial vehicles used in regional and medium haul applications.  Often found on commercial trucks and buses, the Nordman 31 plus features Nokian's patented twin block tread pattern that makes it possible to use an open pattern with a high number of sipes, which enables the traction on slippery surfaces and to improve grip and self cleaning properties. Nordman 31 plus tires feature long tire life thanks in part to enhanced its robust block design. The Nordman 31 plus has driving safety indicators to assist the user in identifying tires in need of replacement. For the Nokian Nordman 31 plus commercial truck tire, call or order from our online tire store today.

Manufacturer: Nokian Tire
Manufacturers Part Number: T675231
Ply Rating: 16
Max Speed: 81 mph 
Overall Diameter: 43.5 Inches
Section Width: 11.3 Inches
Tread Depth: 25 (32nds)
Recommended Rim: 8.25 Inches 
Weight:  lbs
Max Load Single: 7160 lbs at 120 psi
Max Load Dual : 6610 lbs at 120 psi
Revolutions Per Mile:
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Nokian Tire makes some of the most innovative, sought after tires produced today. Built with high quality rubber compounds and unique tread patterns, Nokian Tires are designed to perform. Based in Nokia, Finland, Nokian manufacturers tires for car, light trucks, tractors, heavy trucks, loaders, graders and more.

Nokian is the only major tire manufacturer in the world that builds tires that are designed to safely perform in northern weather conditions. The primary focus of Nokian's many quality product lines are areas that often have snow and other harsh driving conditions. In addition to its commitment to building quality, innovative tires, Nokian is also committed to building them in a safe, sustainable and environmentally friendly way. 

Nokian Tire was founded in 1988, but has roots in tire and rubber industry that goes all the way back to 1898 and the Finnish Rubber Factory.  Since that time Nokian has continued to develop cutting edge tire products that purpose built to perform in snow, ice and other harsh winter environments.  This has made Nokian a leader in the winter tire market for cars, light trucks, tractors and other heavy duty equipment.  This is also why the Nokian Tires were used to set the world speed record for the fastest car on ice.


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