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Michelin XMCL Radial Loader Tire

Michelin XMCL Radial Loader Tire
Michelin XMCL Loader Tire

Michelin XMCL Radial Loader Tire

The Michelin XMCL radial loader tire was specially designed for use in utility and industrial applications. Often found on backhoe loaders, telescopic handlers, skid steer loaders and other material handling machines, the Michelin XMCL features steel belted, radial construction. Designed for puncture and damage resistance, the XMCL tire features a steel crown belt for extra protection. The XMCL is a long wearing tire, that can carry heavy loads without compromising stability. Featuring a traction tread with a large footprint for stability, grip and maneuverability. For the Michelin XMCL radial loader tire, call or order from our online tire store today.

For over fifty years Michelin has been producing high quality innovative OTR and earthmover tires.  This rich history and commitment to the earthmover tire industry is backed by extensive research and development.  Michelin is committed to producing some of the best tires in the world for all types of earthmoving equipment and applications. This has allowed Michelin to become known throughout the world as a leader in building reliable, long lasting and purpose built OTR tires. Michelin has continued to work with the leading manufacturers of earthmoving equipment to produce tires that keep pace with the abilities of modern equipment. This is why Michelin has a dedicated OTR tire testing facility designed to test the limits of their tires and help them continue to innovate. This is why Michelin is leading the pack in OTR and earthmover tires. Find a large selection of Michelin OTR and earthmover tires in our online tire store today.

Michelin Tire is a global leader in the production and distribution of all types of tires. Michelin North America is the US branch of Michelin Tire and has operations in the United States, Mexico and Canada.  Michelin North America maintains headquarters and manufacturing plants in each of these countries which further demonstrates their commitment to their valued customers.

Michelin manufacturers and distributes tires for all kinds of vehicles including automobiles, farm equipment, commercial trucks, construction and off the road equipment. With over 22,000 employees and 19 manufacturing facilities Michelin focuses on building high quality, innovative tires designed to last. Michelin’s research and development department employs over 1000 people, most of them engineers. Which is why Michelin continues to be a market leader in the tire industry.


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