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Carlisle Quick Tire Facts

Posted by on 5/8/2012 to General

Carlisle Tire Facts

  • A rounded shoulder lawn and garden tire offers a footprint that increases maneuverability while minimizing damage to the turf when turning.  Rounded shoulders are found on the Carlisle Turf Trac R/S.
  • A squared shoulder lawn and garden tires are designed to achieve a larger, flatter footprint while providing high flotation, enhanced traction and a more rugged appearance. Squared shoulders are found are found on the Carlisle Turf Saver.
  • The load carrying capacity of a tire determined by air pressure and air volume.  The construction of a tire determines how pressure and volume a tire can hold.
  • For all Carlisle tire products maintaining air pressure at or near the maximum pressure listed on the sidewall of the tire will lead to maximum tire life and performance.
  • A tube type tire can only be used with a tube, but a tubeless tire can be used with or without a tube. A tubeless tire has an inner liner of butyl rubber which is less permeable by air.
  • For every 10 degree change in the ambient air temperature you may experience a change in air pressure of 1 PSI inside a mounted tire.
  • When used in a trailer application an ST (special trailer) tire offers 10% more load capacity than an equivalent LT (light truck) tire and 40% more load capacity than a passenger tire.
  • Trailer Tires have stiffer sidewalls for reduced sidewall flex under load, resulting in straighter tracking and a reduced risk of trailer sway.
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