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Choosing the Right Forklift Tire

Posted by on 10/22/2014 to Forklift and Industrial

Forklift Tires

Types of Forklift Tires and Their Applications

While installing tires on your forklift may seem like a no-brainer, there are actually more options for tires than you may think. Not only do you need to pick the right size tire for your forklift, but you also need to consider the work being done by the forklift, how long you want the tires to last, and the type of fitting needed.

Fitting Types

There are two types of forklift tire attachment systems – press-on, and standard. Press-on tires are very simple to install, but may be less durable on rough terrain. Standard tires are installed just like regular car tires. This means that changing tires might take a little more effort, but the attachment will stand up to heavy use. Choose the attachment system based on your operator needs, and how tough you need your system to be.

Tire Material

The most commonly used tire types on forklifts are pneumatic tires, solid rubber tires, and polyurethane tires. Each has a slightly different structure and different pros and cons.

Pneumatic Tires

Pneumatic tires are a heavy-duty tires designed for rugged applications such as outdoor work. Instead of being filled with air, pneumatic tires are filled with polyurethane, which greatly increases the life of the forklift because of its solid nature. They are long lasting, and provide a comfortable ride. Generally, pneumatic tires have deep treads for maximum grip.

Solid Rubber Tires

As the name implies, these tires are made of solid rubber. They look similar to other types of tires, but contain no air, thus making them impossible to deflate or puncture. While they are very durable, they work better for indoor applications than outdoor ones.

Polyurethane Tires

Also known as poly tires, polyurethane tires are generally for light work and less rugged applications. They are often of the press-on style, so they can be an overall low-hassle and efficient choice.

When it comes time to replace the current tires on your forklift, you may want to think about installing different types of tires to increase the lifetime of your forklift or tire, or to match the tire to the specific job it needs to perform.

Forklift Tires
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