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Double Coin Announces New Radial Trailer Tire

Posted by on 3/12/2014 to Trailer

Double Coin Trailer Tires

Double Coin a wholly owned subsidiary of CMA has launched an enhancement to their trusted line of ST trailer tires. The Dynatrail ST trailer tire is known a smooth running, long lasting radial trailer tire. The Dynatrail Plus radial trailer tire builds on that success with improvements to bring the tire to the next level.

Dynatrail ST Radial Trailer Tire

The Dynatrail Plus ST Radial Trailer Tire features an enhanced tread compound designed for increased fuel economy and longer tread life. With steel belted construction for enhanced towing stability and improved strength. The new compounding allows the tire to better maintain its shape and reduce heat buildup. The Dynatrail Plus ST radial trailer tire has a protective nylon wrap over two steel belts. This radial trailer tire is available in nine sizes to fit most of the trailers on the market today.

These new radial trailer tires come with roadside assistance from Double Coin. See the rules for this roadside warranty below.

As an added benefit CMA is offering complimentary tire roadside assistance service. Simply keep this information in your glove box and telephone the toll- free dispatch number below to receive your roadside assistance.
Emergency tire roadside assistance is available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year, anywhere in the
U.S. or Canada on the trailer tires you have just purchased. Tire roadside assistance consists of emergency road service dispatched to change your
flat tire with your inflated spare. This service is valid
for two (2) years from the date of purchase. Only the vehicle for which the tire(s) was purchased is covered under this program. Service is performed on a “sign
& drive” basis, whereby the customer is not charged
for approved service up to a maximum benefit amount of sixty dollars ($60.00 USD) per event. Service is limited to three (3) events per two (2) year period. Service charges over the maximum benefit amount and/ or other services not included in this program are the sole responsibility of the customer and shall be paid directly to the service provider at the time of service.
Service is for passenger cars, vans, light trucks and trailers only. Trailer tires covered are not to exceed ten (10) ply or load range “E” ratings. Theft, vandalism and accident related incidents are not covered. Service may not be available in areas where state/provincial providers are exclusively utilized.
Service excludes fleet vehicles, off-road vehicles, vehicles over one ton capacity, commercial vehicles, tires with a load range “F” or “12 ply” or higher, vehicles already at a repair facility, any vehicle in tow or any vehicle which, at the sole determination of the service provider, is in such condition that service is likely to result in damage to the vehicle. Further, roadside assistance shall not be provided for services on tires or vehicles outside the scope of this agreement.
To receive 24-hour Tire Roadside Assistance, you must call the toll-free number listed below to have service dispatched to your location. Please have your account number, date of purchase and your location available. You must be with the vehicle at the time of service.
1-800-379-8883 Account # 690101

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