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Four Types of Forestry Equipment

Posted by on 9/3/2014 to Forestry

Types of Forestry Tires


A skidder is a heavy-duty piece of equipment that is used for retrieving cut trees from the forest during logging operations. This process in which cut trees are moved from the spot where they were cut to the landing is called “skidding”.

Skidder tires need to be made from tough rubber compounds with heavy ply ratings to handle the challenges of the forest. This includes steel reinforcement to prevent flats due to penetrations and sidewall impacts.

Forestry Skidder


A harvester is used for felling, limbing and bucking trees. A harvester is normally used in conjunction with a forwarder, which will move the logs to the landing after the harvester is done with them.

One of the most important characteristics of a harvester tire is stability. In addition to stability tires for harvesters should be cut resistant and have excellent traction

Forestry Harvester


A forwarder is a vehicle that moves the logs from where they are cut to the landing. The forwarder is different then a skidder because it moves the logs off of the ground unlike the skidder which drags them. Because forwarders are not dragging the logs on the ground, the logs are not subject to as many soil impacts.

Increasingly forwarders are being built more and more heavy in order to carry bigger loads, this requires a forwarder tire that is designed to handle the heavy load. Forwarder tires must be built with load carrying capacity, cut resistance and to be able to handle forestry tracks and chains.

Forestry Forwarder

Feller Buncher

A feller buncher is a type of harvester used in logging operations. The feller buncher has a special attachment that can quickly gather and cut several trees before felling them. The name feller buncher comes from combing the word feller, which is a common name for a person who cuts downs trees and the word bunching that refers to the act of bunching multiple trees together.

Feller buncher tires must be able to handle heavy loads and resist cuts and punctures. Finding tires with heavy ply ratings and reinforced sidewalls ensures excellent tire life and reliability.

Forestry Feller Buncher

Pete's Tire Barns carries a full line of forestry tires and forestry tubes from some of the best manufacturers in the forestry tire business. This includes Firestone, Nokian, BKT and Primex. We have tires all types of forestry equipment including skidders, forwarders, harvesters and more.

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