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Lawn and Garden Tractor Tires

Posted by on 3/27/2013 to Lawn and Garden

Lawn and Garden Tractor Tires

Hello from the frozen Northeast,

This is the third installment of the 2013 Pete's Tire Barns online tire store blog. 

Even though spring began a week ago the grounds around Pete's Tire Barns headquarters are still covered in snow. This week has been the first time we have begun to really see the sun come out and the snow recede. Around the office we are all looking forward to the end of snow and warm weather to arrive so we can get outside and start enjoying mother nature. Many of us here at Pete's Tire Barns enjoy outdoor activities like gardening, 4 wheeling and boating. That makes a perfect topic for this blog to be lawn and garden tires.

Many people have lawn and garden equipment they use for both snow removal and lawn care. The problem is the snow removal tire is not always the best lawn care tire. To avoid having to have two sets of tires many people put chains on their lawn tractor tires to give better traction when using their lawn tractor for snow removal. Others install a aggressive lug style tractor tread on their lawn tractor which provides excellent traction but does tears up grass and turf. Which tire is right for you? That will depend on your budget, what you use the tractor for, and which is important to you, traction or turf protection. I am a big fan of the octagon style tread of the Carlisle Multi-Trac C/S or the BKT LG-306. I find they grip much better then the Carlisle turf saver in a variety of lawn and garden applications. For those looking for an aggressive tread who are not concerned with tearing up the turf, I like the Carlisle Tru Power, Carlisle Super Lug or the BKT TR-315.

Whatever the tread you are looking for, the most important thing is to find the right sight for your equipment. This includes the complete tire size and the ply rating. The tire size and ply rating are stamped on the side of your current tire. The tire size generally consists of three numbers. The first number indicates the overall height of the tire, the second number indicates the width of the tire and the third number indicates the diameter of the rim. If the tire size is followed by the letters NHS, that stands for non-highway service. This simply means the tire is designed for low speed use and cannot handle speeds over 10mph. The ply rating of the tire helps to determine the amount of weight the tire can carry. Heavy ply tires can generally carry more load. Looking for a more in depth explanation of lawn tractor tire sizing, check out our previous article on lawn tractor tire sizing.

Sometimes a tire is still in good shape, but it no longer holds air due to a puncture or leaky rim. A simple solution for a tire that will no longer hold air is a tire inner tube. A tire inner tube can be used a tire even if the tire is a tubeless tire.Keep in mind when looking for inner tubes, that most are multi-fit. This means one tube may fit multiple different tire sizes. A good rule of thumb when picking an tire inner tube is that it is better to put a slightly smaller size tube in your tire and have it stretch then to put a larger size in and have it fold over an pinch.

No matter the lawn tractor tire or tube you are looking for, Pete's Tire Barns has it.



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