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Learn About Commercial Truck Tires

Posted by on 10/14/2014 to Truck and RV

Commercial Truck Tires

In order to get the right tires, there are some terms you need to understand. While the size and psi may be familiar to you, other terms may be a bit confusing. Before you choose a commercial truck tire for your vehicle, become familiar with these specification terms (each term is listed with an example):

· Tire Size (11R22.5)

The size of the tires affects the accuracy of the speedometer, has bearing on the safety of your vehicle, and can either improve or decrease your fuel efficiency.

· Ply Rating (16)

The ply rating can often give you an idea of how well the tire will resist wear, punctures, splitting, and other damage. Commercial truck tires are built to withstand a lot of use, hence the ply rating of 16. (Compare this number to the 4 or 6 ratings for other vehicle tires.)

· Load Range (H)

The load range shows how much load the tire can carry. The ranges run in alphabetical order. The further along you progress in the alphabet, the more pressure and load the tire can carry.

· Tread Depth (33)

Tread depth is the measurement from the bottom of the deepest point of the tread to the top of the rubber tread. This depth is measured in 32nds of an inch. So a measurement of 33/32 is just more than an inch deep.

· Max Load in Pounds (6940/6340)

· Load Index (148/145)

The load index is assigned to show the capacity of the truck tires to carry a load. The max load number and the load index number are listed on the sidewall. These numbers are often related to the inflation pressure, or psi. For example, the load-carrying capacity may be limited by the psi.

· Speed Symbol (G)

The speed symbol indicates the highest speed that the tire can safely transport the maximum load. The further along the alphabet these symbols lie the faster your vehicle can travel with a full load.

As you become more familiar with these terms, you will be better able to choose the most appropriate commercial truck tires for your situation.

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