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Learn About Wheelbarrow Tires

Posted by on 10/22/2014 to Lawn and Garden

Wheelbarrow Tires

Different Types of Wheelbarrow Tires and Their Advantages

If you love to garden, sooner or later you will want to invest in a wheelbarrow. Wheelbarrows make transporting yard waste and other items faster and easier, as well as less tiring. Not all wheelbarrows are the same, however. There are a few different types of wheelbarrows available, and additionally, there are different kinds of tires that you can install on any given wheelbarrow. If you already have a wheelbarrow and just want to get it tuned up and working, it will probably need a new tire. There are three main types of tires to choose between: pneumatic, semi-pneumatic, and solid. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

Pneumatic Tires

These tires are similar to regular car or bicycle tires in that they are inflated with air. The air forms a cushion that the wheelbarrow rides on, which is great for shock absorption and provides a smooth ride. However, there is always a risk that running over something sharp could puncture the tire and cause it to go flat, or a leak could spring from normal wear and tear.

Semi-pneumatic Tires

A semi-pneumatic tire is a great option if you are worried about sharp objects causing flat tires. These tires have built-in compartments full of air that provide cushion, but do not need to be inflated.

Solid Tires

For the highest durability, solid tires are the way to go. They are made of tough solid rubber, and can never go flat. Solid tires will not offer as much shock absorption as the other two types, but they will last the longest and hold up to almost anything they are rolled over. Solid tires are a popular replacement option for existing pneumatic tires.

Regardless of the type of wheelbarrow you choose to purchase, you will have the option of upgrading or changing the wheel type. Most wheelbarrows have simple axle systems that anyone can service or upgrade, so replacing a wheel is a straightforward task that anyone can do.

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