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Let's Talk Tire Tubes

Posted by on 3/2/2015 to Tire Tubes

Tire Tubes

When it comes to tire tubes, quality is everything. In general, they’re a great alternative to tubeless designs, especially in the agricultural industry. Here’s what you need to know.

The Basic Design

Tire tubes are used on bicycles, motorcycles, lawnmowers, and larger vehicles like buses tractors, and heavy construction equipment. The tire is inflated using a torus-shaped inner tube that is designed to hold air without leaking. Tubes are available in synthetic or natural rubber and are generally soft and highly elastic.

Switching Your Equipment to Tire Tubes

Most of the tubes that are available for tractor tires are radial. These can be used in both radial and bias ply tires. However, bias tubes can only be use in bias ply tires, which is why this type of tube is much less common. Depending on what kind of machine you operate, adding tubes to your front tires can potentially help distribute your weight more effectively, giving you overall better stability. Tire tubes are also a great alternative to those fickle tires on your lawnmower. Tubeless designs tend to lose pressure as a result of constant temperature changes or extended storage. They also attract a lot of debris, which only further degrades their structure and shortens their lifespan. However, just because you have a decent amount of tread left does not mean your tires are good candidates. If your sidewalls are significantly cracked, you should replace your tires entirely.

Using Tire Tubes for a Repair

An Inner tube can also be used to repair a tubeless passenger tire that becomes flat while out on the road. However, they should only be used to address leaks in the rim and not those caused by punctures or cracks. In these cases, a full replacement is necessary.

Quality Is Everything

Believe it or not, the quality of your tube makes a huge difference in how long your tire will last. Steer clear of obscure foreign names, and choose a reputable brand known for supplying long-lasting materials.

Tire Tube

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