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Michelin Airless Turf Tire

Posted by on 10/24/2014 to Lawn and Garden

Michelin Turf Tire

Michelin Tire USA has announced the latest in their line of industry leading airless tires with the Michelin X Tweel Turf. Michelin revolutionized the world of off highway tires with their release of the Michelin Tweel Skid Steer Tires. Pete’s Tire Barns was proud to be the first tire company to successfully retread the Michelin Tweel Skid Steer Tire. Check out the video of first Michelin Tweel being retreaded.

Now Michelin has taken on the world of zero turn mowers with the Michelin X Tweel Turf. The X Tweel Turf is currently only available on new zero turn mowers from John Deere, but will be available for other turf equipment in the future. The X Tweel Turf will be the original equipment (OEM) tire for the John Deere Ztrak 900 B, M, and R series lawn mowers.

Just like the skid steer version, the X Tweel Turf features a single unit that replaces the current tire and wheel. Because the tire has no air, it not subject to the limitations of traditional zero turn mower tires such as flat. This means more time mowing and less time fixing flats. The other advantage is the reduction of wheel hop that often plagues zero turn mowers, equaling a more comfortable ride for the operator and a more consistent grass height for the property owner.

In addition to the advantages of the Michelin Tweel airless tire, X Tweel Turf features a multi directional tread pattern for excellent traction and side hill stability without damaging turf.

This is only the beginning of the expansion of Michelin’s Tweel line of tires and when these tires become available for aftermarket sales we will be sure to carry the entire line.

Michelin Tweel Turf Tire
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