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Mis-Shaped Tires

Posted by on 12/11/2014 to General

Mis-Shaped Tires

Did Your Tires Change Shape During Shipping?

Whether you’re after ATV, tractor, or utility tires, some of the best options are now found online. Having your new tires shipped directly to your house saves time, money, and hassle. However, make sure you understand the difference between damaged tires and mis-shaped tires.

Squished Tire

What Happens During the Shipping Process

In order to keep prices low, tire manufacturers often consolidate shipments, especially for customers who are buying in bulk. When you purchase lawnmower and other small utility tires, don’t be alarmed when you open your box. Because they are so compacted, shipped tires often arrive squished together or in a shape that is not nearly as round as what you saw in the picture on the online checkout page. The sidewalls may appear uneven, and the tire as a whole may look damaged. This is normal. In fact, local tire stores usually receive their shipments the same way. You don’t know this when you walk into the store because each retail tire is straightened before it is mounted.

Dealing With Mis-Shaped Tires

It’s important to understand that tires are built to withstand compression. It’s a normal procedure that actually saves you money and has no negative affect on the tire’s function. When you receive a mis-shaped tire, the first thing you need to do is a visual inspection. Check to see that your tire is in fact free from damage. Ignore the shape and look for cracks, holes, and any kind of tearing.

If no damage exists, your tire simply needs to be reshaped.

Many technicians simply place compressed tires out in the sun. The even heat helps send them back to their natural shape.

An inner tube: Inflation restores shape through stretching. On tubeless tires, an inner tube is placed and inflated just before mounting and then removed before the wheel is permanently installed.
The End Result

Restoring your mis-shaped tires is quick and easy. Better still, it probably won’t cost you a dime. Once the tire is properly mounted, air pressure is all that’s needed to solidify the factory shape.
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