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Nokian Forest King F2 Forestry Tire

Posted by on 7/19/2016 to Forestry
The forest has a lot of natural resources, and a lot of heavy-duty equipment is required in order to get it. Driving through the forest is unlike driving over other terrain because you never know when a certain part is going to become unexpectedly treacherous. In order to have confidence that your machinery will be able to tackle anything you come across, make sure it is equipped with a Nokian Forest King F2 Tire. These tires are ideal for a number of conditions you are bound to come across, so if your current tires are looking a little worn out, replace them with a brand new set right away. 

Better Resistance Against Punctures

In order to make this tire viable in a number of conditions, the shoulder tire has been outfitted with stronger materials to increase its strength. This vastly increases its puncture-resistance so that you can drive over the most demanding of forest conditions in order to complete your job. You will have peace of mind that once you get these tires they will last for quite some time. 

Ideal for Tracks

There may be times when you are able to drive your machinery into a forest without the assistance of tracks, and that is just fine. However, some types of terrain are not as forgiving, and you will need to lay out the tracks in order to take your equipment where you need it. For times like that, you will be glad the Nokian Forest King F2 Tire has special ribs to make it perfectly compatible with tracks. Advancements have been made to the tire, specifically enhancing the grooves toward the center of the tire and increasing the straighter portion of the tire’s ribs. These two qualities, along with shoulder being shaped in the perfect way, ensure they you stay on the tracks when they are available. 

Come in a Variety of Sizes

This tire comes in a number of different rim diameters. Recently, it has expanded to include a set that come with a diameter of 28.5 inches. However, tires are offered that come in 22.5 inches, 24.5 inches and 26.5 inches. The expansion to 28.5 inches was viewed as necessary so that the tire would be capable of handling a greater amount of pulling power from the machine in question. This increase in diameter also prevents the tire from spinning while it is on the rim. Ultimately, this tire is reliable for a number of different pieces, including machines that weigh over 20 tons. 

Lowered Stress

The stress here refers to the stress being placed on your bogies and tires. You see, the Nokian Forest King F2 Tire gives a good amount of track support at each and every point. This means that the crossbars on the track are kept straight on the tire’s surface. This lowers the tension placed on the track, which is good for your tire. You will also probably be feeling less stressed with the knowledge this tire always has your back. 

Different specs come with different sized tires. Get the perfect one for your machinery so that you can enter the forest with the ability needed to get the job done.  

Nokian Forest King F2 Tire

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