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Nokian Forest King TRS 2 Forestry Tire

Posted by on 7/28/2016 to Forestry

If your profession requires you to operate heavy machinery through treacherous terrain, then you need the ideal tires to make sure you are able to get the job done safely and efficiently. Not just any tire is going to work with your equipment, so for much larger machinery, you are likely going to need the Nokian Forest King TRS 2 Tire. This tire has the ideal traction for harvesters and forest forwarders that weigh 15 tons at the most. Whether you are driving it without or with tracks, this tire works beautifully. 

Using Tracks

When you are taking your machinery through a forest, the terrain may be reliable enough to where you can drive pieces through it without the use of tracks. When those situations arise, these tires have an excellent grip that will allow you to drive over any terrain. When you have to drive over more demanding terrain and need to lay down some tracks, these tires have the necessary grooves to where they can drive over them effortlessly. 

Ideal When Going Into a Forest

One of the features of the Nokian Forest King TRS 2 Tire that you are really going to enjoy is the puncture-resistant sidewall. These tires have a straight sidewall that is highly resilient. Additionally, the tires contain a bead area that helps prevent rim slip. For enhanced durability and grip, it is tough to outmatch this high-quality tire. 

Works With Different Vehicles

This tire is available in several different sizes.

600/55-26.5 Nokian TRS 2 

750/55-26.5 Nokian TRS 2

You should check the individual specs for the exact-sized tires you want because differences do exist between each one. Every size comes with its own specifications for loading capacity, diameter, width and maximum inflation pressure.

Additional Benefits

There are plenty of qualities to find in this superb tire, including:

Increased track support is offered by wide lugs

Traction is vastly improved with the super shovel lug design

Shoulder area has a high groove bottom that assists in puncture resistance and offers more support to the track paws

Information About the Manufacturer

When you need tires for your forestry equipment, you do not want to get just any old tires. You need the best, and that is exactly what Nokian Heavy Tires is dedicated to providing. For years, the company has been a leading manufacturer for heavy-duty tires that are built to withstand a number of terrains. Not only does the company use excellent materials, but they also care about their customers. They listen to feedback and what the market needs and adapts as required. 

In addition to providing customers around the world with exceptional tires, the company is also dedicated to helping the environment. As such, they were the first tire manufacturer to remove harmful oils from the construction process in order to leave a reduced ecological footprint on the Earth. They have also improved their construction processes throughout the years in order to ensure that all tires are built to last. 

When you get yourself a Nokian Forest King TRS 2 Tire, you can be certain it will remain viable for some time to come.

Nokian Forest King TRS 2

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