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Nokian Logger King Tires

Posted by on 1/5/2018 to Forestry
Tires for Your Logging Needs

Your skidder works hard and in the worst conditions. You need a tire that can outlast the rest in order to keep going when the going gets tough. The Nokian Logger King Tire is built for rough work. It is constructed to meet the highest standards in grip, durability and reliability. Its construction, materials, and design were developed together to keep your wheels rolling no matter what the forest throws at them.

A new rubber compound adds unparalleled grip to these rugged tires. An aggressive tread design that suits the terrain you’re working in adds new levels of traction and handling control to keep you where you need to be. The self-cleaning properties of the tread allow for good grip even on wet or slippery sites. In conditions like these, grip contributes not just to productivity but also to safety, so be sure you’re getting the best in traction control tires for your skidder. 


Nokian Logger King Tire offer premium puncture resistance thanks to their steel breakers, rubber compound construction, and multilayer textile carcass. Every flat costs you money, so you want to minimize those as much as possible, even in the forest. With these tires, you can log with confidence knowing that the conditions won’t beat your equipment.


Superior construction coupled with the best materials technology has to offer delivers the most reliable tires on the market. The high groove of the tread protects the tire and makes for a long-lasting wheel, even in brutal conditions. When these tires do need to be replaced, their specialized single wire bead construction allows for easier on-site assembly. 

You make your living with your equipment, so you need to know you can rely on it in any conditions. The Nokian Logger King Tire works as hard as you do, no matter where you are, offering the best in traction and longevity.

Nokian Logger King
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