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The 3-Star Michelin Xtra Load - A First of its Kind

Posted by Pete's Tire Barns on 11/13/2018 to Skid Steer and Construction
Michelin North America Inc. has expanded their Xtra Load line of rigid dump truck tires to include the first ever three-star rated tire in the 18.00R33 size.

A star rating is the Tire and Rim Association’s method of indicating the load carrying capacity of a given tire size. 

According to Jake Thompson, Michelin North America B2B mining market manager, Michelin North America understands that quarry managers rely on a continuity of operations and their rigid dump trucks are expected to move as efficiently as possible. By increasing the durability of the Xtra Load line of tires to a three-star rating Michelin is able to offer an even greater amount of durability, productivity and output without sacrificing traction, tire life and damage resistance. 

The Michelin Xtra Load line of rigid dump truck tires is made for surface applications in mining and quarries. 

Michelin Xtra Load Protect
The Michelin Xtra Load Protect is designed for use on hard, abrasive surfaces where protection is favored. The tread of the Michelin Xtra Load Protect contains a greater volume of rubber, and the interlocking blocks are designed for heat dissipation. 

Michelin Xtra Load Grip
The Michelin Xtra Load Grip is designed for use on soft surfaces where loose soil results in a greater need for grip and traction. Cooler internal temperatures and a reinforced casing of the Xtra Load Protect means it can handle speeds up to 21 mph.

For Michelin’s Extra Load line of rigid dump truck tires contact our online store today. 

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